Virtual reality is booming! In 2019, over 5.7 million VR sets were sold worldwide. So we need to talk about virtual reality safety.

Knowing the potential and possibilities of VR technology, it can be assumed in advance that this is just the beginning of our adventure. Regardless of whether it’s a primary cardboard adapter for a smartphone or an advanced headset, it’s essential to play safe in VR. Have fun without compromising your health.

The most obvious point of concern is that when using VR in a room-scale set-up: we forget about the real world around us. So remember about appropriate preparation of the space for the game and compliance with specific rules. It affords you to enjoy the game 100%. Here are a few of them.

1. VR can sometimes you off balance in the real world

When starting any VR game or fitness routine, you may have difficulty finding yourself in space-time perception. The place where you play and or exercise must be appropriately prepared. Be sure you have a level surface on which you won’t slide and nothing to trip over.

Virtual Reality Safety Are Essential

Taking a couple of minutes to check your real-world environment will provide you with safe entertainment for your adventure.

2. Did you know objects you see in the virtual don’t exist in the real?

Yes, common sense right? Well! Actually not so much once you’re immersed in VR. I had this problem the first time in VR while trying to avoid the first obstacle. I jumped to get out of the way, and it genuinely took me a moment to realize that it was still just a game. The barrier will actually pass through me if I standstill. 

So remember, please don’t try to sit or lean on any of the objects in VIRO games. They might look real, but they don’t exist! 🙂

3. Be aware in case little people or animals stray into your play area

The big people will learn the first time they feel a controller hit them at speed, but animals and children may not. Or even the second. You might also be caught unaware of the range of motion you’ll be making. Imagine how your cat will feel watching you from the physical world, it might even want to kill you that little bit more :-).

So! Make sure you adequately protect your little companions before starting any VR game or workout. Trust me, little Fluffy won’t like to get a juicy left hook from the human! Also, remember to use the straps, Fluffy won’t like flying controllers either.

4. Virtual Reality Safety Rule said space is essential

As mentioned earlier, to play with virtual reality safety rules, you should have enough space reserved. Remove any items that you may fall over. Make sure that the headphone cables don’t pose a trip hazard. 

Viro Move, for example, needs at the very minimum. VIRO MOVE requires a play area of at least 3m x 2m.

5. Don’t rush during the first few workouts

Slowly accustom your body and mind to virtual reality safety rules and training. The easiest way is to put your goggles on and look around slowly at the new reality which surrounds you. Get used to the obstacles and environments before you push to harder levels, and take advantage of the tutorials.  

Gradually increase the time you train. This will probably help you adapt to any small differences between real-world movements and the resulting experiences in VR. Regarding the VIRO walls, drones and obstacles be brave and remember, it’s just fun and not real. 🙂

Objects in the virtual don't exist in the real world

6. And don’t forget about water, breaks and rest!

Every few minutes take a break, drink some water and breathe. Everyone is different, so take breaks more often even if you don’t feel any discomfort.

Personally, I use my virtual reality goggles for a healthy mix of gaming and training. Every two days I play VIRO MOVE to get rid of a few kilograms and to rattle through a cardio routine. So there you have it! Always try to apply to all the rules described above – implement them, when playing VIRO MOVE. Find us on Steam!

Be safe! 
Tomasz Turmowicz

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