VR Fitness Gaming Top 10 Calorie Busting Movements

Probably this will be the first time that you’ve ever heard of VR fitness gaming.

VR fitness gaming is already changing how some people get their cardio fix on a daily basis. Now VR fitness gaming developers are taking the idea to the next level for those of us who love gaming, have fitness needs, but don’t like the idea of going to the gym every day.

VR fitness gaming is taking advantage of immersive addictive gameplay and your own body weight to deliver low impact fat burning routines directly to your living room. The most amazing part, you don’t really feel like you are working out – until you take off the headset and realize exactly how hard you are breathing.

VR Cardio gaming is a kick-ass workout

It is now possible to strap on a VR headset and have a kick-ass aerobics session which will deliver a more fun and engaging experience than some of the best aerobics classes. And the best news of all, you can do it from the comfort of your own home. VR fitness gaming can become your daily cardio workout, without the tights ? and the long boring walk to the gym.

In this article, we will look at some of the key fitness movements we are now able to achieve in VR fitness gaming, but more specifically the top ten I can identify from my daily Viro move workouts.

Playing Viro Move is like participating in total-body cardio and aerobic workout. Depending on your age, body type and movement speed, a two minute Viro Move game can burn up to 26 calories. Just to put that into context, A 150-lb. person biking at less than 10 mph will burn 90 calories in 20 minutes, according to our research.

Although you won’t notice it, many of the core movements while playing our swords games are mimicking the aerobics moves. If you study our movements closely enough you will notice that we regularly move your body into various aerobics routines.

Slicing, boxing, shooting, ducking, diving and crouching at the intensity and regularity which we deliver across the games, is how we generate aerobic variations to work your upper body, which really gets the heart pumping.
Most of my workouts tend to be with swords, so many of my movements are biased towards sword fighting.

My Top 10 Calorie Busting VR Fitness Gaming Movements

1.      Alternate feet jumping (Hop skipping)

Viro Move Hop Skip
VIRO MOVE- VR Fitness Gaming – Move Hop Skip

One of the most common movements I can identify is a simple movement that mimics hop skipping. This is achieved when I jump from one leg to the other. It forces me to do this by dodging obstacles on one side while trying to destroy orbs on the opposite.

2.      Basic squat

Viro Move Basic Squat
Viro Move – VR Fitness Gaming – Basic Squat

This is also a pretty simple movement to achieve in virtual reality, the level designers point a series of low hanging walls in my direction and make me squat to dodge them, alternating the low walls with high Orbs to force me back into a standing position. Lowering the wall during the middle of the sequence gives my core that extra squeeze.

3.      Step touch and step touch Squats

Viro Move Step Touch
Viro Move – VR Fitness Gaming – Step Touch

This is simply stepping left or right in and out of a squat. This movement is achieved by sending a low wall, immediately followed by a high orb and another wall on the left or right, then back to a low wall. The game repeats the process to help me achieve a sequence of dynamic step touch squatting movements.

4.      Lunges

Viro Move – VR Fitness Gaming – Lunges

This is an excellent move for a budding swordfighter like myself. The game drives a double-sided series of low orbs that need to be swatted from the inside out. It’s not a novice move, you really have to adapt the sword fighting stance to correctly land this one.

5.      Plie squats

Viro Move Plie Squat
Viro Move – VR Fitness Gaming – Plie Squat

Just like the step touch squat but without the low wall. This movement is one of the stables of any aerobics class.

Ok if you’re a butch guy, get ready to look a bit funny. We can make you do ballet moves in our game. First, we drive your legs apart and then rapidly send you into a squat position.

Our level designers really like this one and because it’s really great for your leg and back muscles, they often keep you in this position by sending multiple low wall and high center orb formation one after another.

6.      Cross Chops and side to side chops

Viro Move – VR Fitness Gaming – Chops

Two other excellent sword striking movements, exercising my core, thighs and arms in one powerful movement, the game simply lines up a number of angled orbs to achieve downward swiping maneuvers. It looks beautiful, it feels amazing and these movements are my absolute favorites.

7.      Standing side bends

Viro Move – VR Fitness Gaming – Side Bends

A difficult maneuver to achieve if you don’t take the boxing stance at the start of the game. Pretty much the same elements you might work into an uppercut punch if you were a boxer. The game forces me to drive each arm up and over to the side with perfectly positioned orbs.

8.      Spine twists

Viro Move – VR Fitness Gaming – Spine Twists

A movement we borrowed from Pilates workouts, we have you place your arms out to the side and make you twist by offsetting the orbs on each side. An obvious movement for sword fighting but also possible in gunfights as you stretch your arms out to the side to collect ammunition.

9.      Chair pose twists

Viro Move – VR Fitness Gaming – Chair Pose Twists

A really nice yoga movement, imagine you are in a chair sitting position, the top half of your body is crouched forward and turned to one side. It’s a difficult maneuver to achieve in VR and to date I have only see the experts pull it off properly during swordplay. I have not achieved this movement yet, but trust me it’s there.

10.  Squat with a straight or side punch

Viro Move – VR Fitness Gaming – Side Punch

In this boxing movement, I am forced out of a squat with a straight or side punch movement. It’s a nice movement and feels really great if you land it correctly.  

So there you have it, although this is not the definitive guide to all movements possible in Viro Move, these are some of the key movements I can identify as I play the game.

Viro Move Pawel
Viro Move Pawel – VR Fitness Gaming

Please feel free to contact us if you are seeing positive experiences in health, wellbeing or general flexibility while playing Viro Move. We would really love to hear your stories.

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