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The end of our first-ever VR Fitness Challenge!

And just like that…  …in a hail of bullets, punches and slashes the world’s first Viro VR Fitness Challenge came to an end for 150 of the world’s top Viro Move VR athletes. #MoveMore That’s right! We have found 150 of the world’s greatest Viro Movers – our pioneers, our community and our friends. Discord […]

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Take The #MoveMore VR Fitness Challenge

Take up the #MoveMore VR Fitness Challenge from Fit Reality and HTC Vive. Play VIRO MOVE – a unique mix of VR fun and a fitness workout. Get fit and win cool prizes! “Play more, move more, live more” – this is the motto of HTC Vive and Fit Reality. We have joined forces to […]

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VIRO MOVE – A Unique Mix of VR Game & Fitness Workout

VIRO MOVE was specifically designed to provoke natural and healthy Imagine the unbelievable. An ultimate VR fitness workout experience that encourages gamers to exercise and fitness enthusiasts to play games while ensuring that both groups love every second of it.VIRO MOVE – the upcoming HTC Vive and Oculus Rift game from Fit Reality offers all that […]

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VR Fitness Gaming Top 10 Calorie Busting Movements

VR fitness games are taking advantage of immersive addictive gameplay and your own body weight to deliver low impact fat burning routines directly to your living room. The most amazing part, you don’t really feel like you are working out – until you take off the headset and realize exactly how hard you are breathing.

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Why Viro’s VR Fitness Game Works

So it’s a simple formula, move more, breathe more and sweat more – those are pretty much the fundamentals the Fit Reality team has built into VIRO MOVE.

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