What Makes A VR Fitness Training Game Exceptional?

Fitness gaming is all about simulating specific game mechanics to help people achieve real-world fitness results. And virtual reality focuses on immersing the senses by transporting players out of the ordinary into fictional environments.

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What is VIRO MOVE?

What is Viro Move? This particular product is a free-roaming virtual reality fitness game. As gamers, we are very much aware of the stigmas attached to being a gamer. Yes, we do tend to spend a lot of our lives sitting in front of our beloved gaming machines. When you work and play in the […]

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VR Fitness Sword Fighting: maximize your training

Power, form, technique, speed, and agility are all at play when training with swords in Viro Move. It may not feel like it but striking a virtual sword for twenty minutes can be a really beneficial cardio workout.

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Pushing the Limits

The purpose of VIRO MOVE is to get you moving and keep you moving! ViroMove aims to provoke natural and healthy physical fitness. Our movements are made across the whole body rather than just the upper half during gameplay. VIRO MOVE is pushing the limits of full body VR movement by incorporating our custom built […]

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ViroMove Health Benefits

VIROMOVE fitness routines share the same health-related gains of traditional sustained physical activity. We have identified that people who play VIRO MOVE for just fifteen minutes a day can achieve real health and wellbeing benefits. Which in time can lead to the formation of long-lasting healthy habits and lifestyle choices. Including but not limited to: […]

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To help generate the benefits of sustained physical activity in the ViroMove game we engage multiple weapons for a player to train with. The player can set the weapon so it can be played across a whole level or alternatively he/she can set to automatically change during a custom game. Players will be able to […]

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