More Movement

Each individual ViroMove game scenario contains specific obstacles players must move, dodge and block for better results. These movements stimulate body movement and aids flexibility, injury recovery and will enhance cardiovascular endurance levels.

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More Engagement

To increase engagement during our exercises, players will generate points and combo moves to earn the highest scores. Players will also be able to compete with friends and or other VIROMOVE players around the world.

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Music Mapping

All our exercise routines are mapped to our ViroMove custom soundtrack, we find that this stimulates players to move in the specific directions. All movements and routines have been choreographed by our in-house gameplay level designers, physiotherapist, and physical trainers.

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Social Gamification

In hot seat mode, you can compete against real-world friends, and in challenge mode, you play against others from all over the world. Sharing, comparing and tracking results with friends and within the VIROMOVE community helps to keep players motivated and challenged.

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In-Game Safety

ViroMove has three in-built mechanisms to warn and stop a player during gameplay if it calculates that the player may be in danger of injury or bumping into objects. When a player begins to move out of the playing zone, an on-screen warning will be triggered by the game. If a player leaves the zone […]

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Viro Move is pushing the limits of full body VR movement by incorporating actual physical training routines into a VR gaming environment.

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