The end of our first-ever VR Fitness Challenge!

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Viro Move – VR Fitness #movemore Challenge

And just like that… 

…in a hail of bullets, punches and slashes the world’s first Viro VR Fitness Challenge came to an end for 150 of the world’s top Viro Move VR athletes. #MoveMore

Viro Move #Movemore VR Fitness Challenge Leaderboard

That’s right! We have found 150 of the world’s greatest Viro Movers – our pioneers, our community and our friends. Discord

So what have we from our first global VR Fitness Challenge? 

Apart from amazing feedback, suggestions, recommendations and even bug fixes ? we learned that healthy competition in VR gaming builds stamina, determination, agility, speed and most critically strong and long-lasting relationships. 

Viro Move #Movemore VR Fitness Challengers Care

VR fitness gaming has already proven itself to be a solid tool in gamers’ arsenal to alleviate stress, build stamina and fight against chronic illnesses brought on by inactivity. Yet over the last month, we have come to realize that it’s gone much further than that– it builds long-lasting friendships and magnanimous relationships.

We have watched our small VR fitness community come together and in support of each other’s success – from the top to the bottom of the leaderboard, the Viro Movers were enthusiastically encouraging each other to be the very best they can be.

Did people actually #MoveMore?

Indeed they did and here are some fantastic statistics from our backend team who are constantly monitoring our player’s physical activities: 

  • CALORIES – Each challenger burnt on average 617 in-game calories during the event (not counting the lo-intensity interval burn rates between sessions) 
  • POINTS – On average each challenger earned 233,637 total points across free play and challenge
  • TRAINING – On Average each challenger trained at least two times per day over the 29 days

Viro Move – built by developers, shaped by a community

As a small development team with a passion for making gamers healthier, we have been truly amazed and inspired by our community. Their excellent feedback, engagement and enthusiasm have played a big part in assuring us that VR fitness gaming is the right direction for us and indeed the industry. This small but enthusiastic group of challengers has given us energy and ideas to continue our mission to combine fun and fitness with VR technology.

Viro Move Box Squat Gif

Despite the fact that  #Movemore challenge ended in a dramatic 24-hour explosion of energy and credits – this is only the beginning of ViroMove and indeed of VR Fitness as a whole.

To all the VR developers out there who are building VR fitness games – we strongly urge you to zero in on the competitive elements and together let’s drive VR gaming as a fun and valuable tool in the fight against chronic illnesses, obesity and perhaps even loneliness. 

Thank you again… to the whole community whose energy lit up our discord channel, and we promise you now we have just begun – the Viro VR fitness train ain’t stopping anytime soon!

Viro Move

Viro Move is a VR Fitness game from a small independent VR development studio in Poland. We might be a tiny spec in the world of gaming, but to those who understand what we are trying to do, we hope to become a shining example Virtual Reality fitness gaming can change the world and enhance people’s lives.

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Viro Move showcased at Gamescom 2019

So what’s next? 

Well, its time to let the rest of the world play the Viro Move. 

Join our discord or add us to your Wishlist on Steam-Viveport to be sure you are notified about our next steps!


Steam Page

P.S. Oh, in case you haven’t heard – there is a 2020 VR World Fitness Championship planned and 10 of the finest VR fitness gamers in the world have already qualified …isn’t it time you became a VR fitness champion too?

Viro Move is set for release in late 2019. The game will be available on HTC Vive, HTC Vive Pro, Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest (Via the Oculus PC link cable)  Index and the newly introduced models of HTC Vive goggles. To be followed by Oculus Quest and PSVR versions in 2020. 

More information about the game can be found here on our official website, Steam, Facebook and Twitter.

All promo materials for the game are available for download HERE.

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