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The form you engage within your stance and striking is the key to what you get from Viro Move sword fighting. What we don’t do – and won’t ever do in VR fitness, is to teach you the optimum way to strike each obstacle, we want you to learn this for yourself. In many cases it can be pretty intuitive, that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Recoiling your sword after a thrust to perform a fast downward cut is something of an expert move. Definitely a thing of beauty once performed correctly – at least in my head.

Some orbs need only the lightest, almost feather touch to slash through them. While others will only generate maximum points if you perfectly slice them right down the center with your heaviest strike. Practice will help you to identify whether you should be swiping, thrusting, crashing or jabbing at each orb. In the game, each orb is designed to be struck and destroyed in its own very specific way. And the strategic positioning of orbs aims to guide you through perfectly planned katana training routines.

Power, form, technique, speed, and agility are all at play when training with swords in Viro Move. Although it may not feel like it, striking a sword for 20 minutes straight is tiring. We have calculated that it’s possible for some people to burn up to 300 calories across a twenty-minute session. More realistic is about 250 calories at a decent speed.

Viro Move sword training forces the player to adopt specific stances, part of our game movement strategy is to try to force your body off balance. We aim to do it as often as possible. This will let your mind and muscles learn to react to almost any fast-moving situation. Eventually, you will be moving through moves and back to stances with the grace and agility of a seasoned Ninja.  

It’s the learning process that makes Viro Move sword training so much fun, each day you find that you are progressing more gracefully into your own cool ninja style of movement. Your stances will get better and your sword striking will become more direct and feel effortless.

And that’s a magic ingredient which makes virtual reality fitness sword fighting so amazing – it never really gets effortless, it only ever feels that way. I have been playing this game for a few months now and although I feel like a grandmaster Ninja, by the end of each workout I am breathing every bit as hard now as I did in the early days.

My muscles are getting stronger, and my flexibility, stamina and agility gains are allowing me to move in more beneficial ways. I feel better, my posture is better, I have more energy and I am burning more calories, losing weight and having a damn good time in the process.

Best of all my scores are creeping closer to some of our office experts, I am quietly working my way up the Viro Leaderboards. So when the game launches I expect to take an early lead on the global leader board, I can be famous for a few days at least. So whether you are in it for the fitness gains, the calorie burn, that insane feeling you can only get from swiping a pair of swords, or your goal -like me, is to become the best of the best on our leaderboards, technique and form is the key to progressing through your Viro Move Sword routines.  

Sword Fighting Routine Elements

Each strike combo is designed to target a specific muscle group. Our defensive movements are designed to help your body get the most out of our strikes or set you up for the next. For example when we force an uppercut from a squatting position you are benefiting from both the upward movements and the power of gravity which is forcing pressure back down through your body as you retake your stance. We can promote that combo twenty times during a two-minute game and you won’t even feel it until you take off your headset and feel the burn in your shoulders and legs. Although not visible in the game, our level designers are chasing after specific elements from the training routine:

  1. Muscles: Each game may target specific muscle groups by repeating combos we have identified as important to those muscles.
  2. Resistance: We measure how often we can bring your body weight into play during the game
  3. Speed: We want the fastest output with the biggest variety of movements made.
  4. Distance: The position of obstacles between your feet position and the end of your sword plays a major part in helping you to leap around the room.
  5. Strength: Determining when a strong or light touch is required to achieve a particular strike requires you to think moves ahead and plan your balance accordingly
  6. Direction: The direction at which you are swiping, whether you are working with or against gravity, the direction of your strike all have a major impact on the pressure that’s being placed on your body.
  7. Agility: How often we can offset your balance and make you reposition your stance, with steps, hops or jumps.

Viro Move hopes to make you an excellent sword fighter, but good or bad, expert or novice, it really won’t matter in terms of achieving fitness goals. Simply swinging each sword takes stamina, strength and forces your muscles and heart to perform a little bit harder. Viro move was specifically made with the goal of fitness and encouragement for people to move more.

orb slashing laser show gameplay example light colours

The benefit you get from sword training is not determined by how good you are, but more importantly, it’s determined by when and how you move your body. We find the sloppy Ninja will burn more fat than the seasoned warrior, but the warrior is building more muscles and stamina. And that’s how it should be, both are having fun and both are obtaining fitness gains relevant to their specific fitness levels.

These are my top ten movements from our Viro Move Sword training:

1. Overhead Raises

Viro Move Side Bends
Viro Move Side Bends

2. Side To Side Twists

Viro Move spine twists
Viro Move spine twists

3. Forward Lunges

Training with Viro swords will put a huge amount of strain on core upper body muscle groups. We recommend that players warm-up with easy levels to get the body ready for the force of the harder levels. These three movements play a vital role in our easy levels to help ease each player into more vigorous levels.

Viro Sword Fighting –  Upper-Body Combat Strength Building

4. Vertical Cuts

5. Horizontal Cuts

6. Cross and Uppercut

7. Zig Zag cuts

8. Downward cuts

vr fitness orb action shot with massive rock for dodging laser effects are shown

Viro Move Swords routines are dual-wielding, meaning you train with a sword in each hand. We regularly engage five important strikes to help aid flexibility and build upper body conditioning. We convert these strikes into fast-moving combo’s and incorporate the weight of the body into each strike. It makes even the most basic of sword fighting movements a full-on cardio workout in itself.

Because we are dual-wielding, our workouts don’t tend to leave you favoring a dominant striking side. Sides are being equally trained, switching your strikes between left and right is what develops excellent hand-eye coordination movements. As a new Viro Ninja, you will need time to develop the right striking positions. Building experiences slowly from beginner levels really is the perfect way to help your muscles and your mind understand the best strikes and stances for each challenge.

Viro Sword Blocking – Full Body Conditioning

9. Upward Blocking

10. Downward Blocking

A big part of our movement strategy is to get you to strike, defend, block and then counterattack. Our level designers create complex offensive and defensive maneuvers to help you get more movement from Viro Move. To really excel at our sword training you need to perfect your upper body coordination. Precision striking while adopting Ninja-like footwork on the ground is the best technique. The power, strength, coordination, and agility comes from practicing strikes and stances, the fun is free.

These are some of the most important and fundamental movements that will aid your skill and fitness level. They are designed to help you get fit, learn a new craft and feel great. Engagement, environments, skins, music competitions, challenges, and immersion are there to make it all fun.

It’s our hope that Viro Move becomes a beautiful journey for each player as it has been for us. It will be our pleasure to make you healthier, to help you learn some really exciting stances and strikes. We want to make you so happy with the game that you’ll do this every day.

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