Virtual Reality fitness training with Viro Move

Today you can use Virtual Reality technology in many different ways. One of them is Virtual Reality fitness training, which is a type of training that takes place using VR headsets. Currently, there are many games and programs on the market, such as Beat Saber, in which you’re using two lightsabers to cut cubes to the rhythm of the music. Another one is Viro Move which allows you to play in four different modes. You can play boxing, shooting, slashing and weapon master (which mix all those modes in one) while avoiding obstacles.

Sounds like effort? And it is!

Currently, more and more titles are using virtual reality to improve the physical condition and well-being of their users.

Why is VR good for fitness?

Fitness in virtual reality differs from the ordinary workout session because your consciousness is in a completely different place. Instead of focusing on fatigue and passing time, you can completely immerse yourself in the game and forget about training. While you are having fun, time passes quickly and the effects come unnoticed.

Having fun allows you to improve your mood, break your casual fitness routine and not let you get bored doing activities for your health and well-being.

Does Virtual Reality Fitness training count as exercise?

What do you call the action that allows you to burn calories, increases your mobility, turns up your heart rate and makes your muscles get sore? Yes, fitness in virtual reality definitely falls into the category of exercise. All in all, only you decide about your commitment and the final effect of training.

Games deliver additional motivation and allow you to control your progress on an ongoing basis while providing lots of fun.

Can VR make you lose weight?

Regular sessions with fitness games in virtual reality will definitely allow you to lose weight. The games are designed in such a way to support this process by setting thresholds and  competition. You can adjust the style and intensity of the game to your needs. Just set it up in the way you like and let the magic happen. 

How many calories do you burn in VR?

Regardless of your current fitness level, you can freely change the level of difficulty to meet your training goals. You can start slowly if you’re a beginner, or try hard from the start and lose calories like crazy. 

It only depends on you how many calories you burn! First, you can decide to select simple levels, without many obstacles and enemies, that should be used for light cardio training. When you master the game and look for more difficult challenges, the game allows you to burn up to 50% more calories than your standard training in the gym.

When you get used to it, you’ll want to play even longer and harder sessions, which will  impact your total calories burn. After all, everyone wants to have fun lasting as long as possible, right?

Virtual Reality technology is becoming more and more popular, and its use can be found in completely different areas that are supporting our lives. One of them is undoubtedly training in virtual reality.

Programs and games using training in virtual reality will develop more and more, offering new opportunities by adapting to you and providing training through play. If something can be fun, why not give it a try? You only risk losing unnecessary weight, but that’s probably all it is about, isn’t it?

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