Terms and Conditions

Announcement 7th September

Just to inform of our intent to adjust the #Movemore challenge to make a more positive experience for all!

We have had quite a few players comment that they would like to #movemore and have access to more free play credits.

The team think that this is fair comment, and we would really like you all to experience the full effects of the fitness side of the game – as opposed to the just the tournament side.

So, it is our intention to fully unlock  free play mode   – Meaning unlimited plays!

To ensure that nobody gets an unfair advantage we also intend to add 12 more credits to your challenge play.

A sincere thank you from the whole team for all your feedback and support so far.

The Viro Team



1.These standard terms and conditions are subject to any other terms and conditions provided to you or to which you are referred at the time of entering the #MOVEMORE challenge (hereinafter referred to as “Challenge”).

2.The Promoter is Fit Reality, Klimczaka 1, Seg. E, 02-797 Warsaw, Poland.

3.You can read rules and details of #MOVEMORE Challenge by clicking on this link https://www.viromove.com/vive-viro-movemore-challenge/ 

4.Entry is open to VR Gamers, social bloggers and sports influencers except employees (and their families) of Fit Reality and HTC VIVE and any other companies associated with the Challenge.

5.To participate the Challenge the challenger must have access to the following devices and software: Participants will need to have access to an account with Vive Port or Steam to download the game build. VIRO MOVE exclusively works with HTC VIVE, VIVE Pro, upcoming VIVE headsets and Oculus Rift S. *We have been informed by Valve Index that ” that apps which are designed to work with the Vive, it will work with the Index”

6.The Challenge will run from 29th August 2019 until the 26th September 2019.

7.The entrant(s) must be aged 18 or over and have full legal capacity. Proof of identity and age may be required.

8.The participation in the Challenge is allowed only to challengers from the following countries: USA, Canada, EU countries.

9.Use of a false name or contact address will result in disqualification.

10.Entries that are incomplete, illegible, indecipherable, will not be valid and deemed void.

11.All entries must be made directly by the person entering the Challenge.

12.Entries made online using methods generated by a script, macro or the use of automated devices will be void.

13.An employee, within the meaning of these terms and conditions, is a person employed under contract of employment or a person cooperating on the grounds of other type of civil law contract. Members of the family of the Challenger are considered a spouse, children, parents and siblings as well as people living in the same household.

14.Information on the selection of winners will be posted on the website [www.viromove.com]

15.The prizes are as follows:

– The top 5 challengers will each win the latest HTC VIVE VR Headset (Model to be confirmed).

– The top 30 challengers will receive a copy of our VIROMOVE Game.

– 10 challengers will be invited to participate in the 2020 VR Fitness World Championships.

16.The prizes are as stated, are not transferable to another individual and no cash or other alternatives will be offered.

17.A list of winners will be available by writing into the VIRO MOVE website or at Fit Reality’s address no earlier than six weeks, unless otherwise stated, after the close of the Challenge. Only the first name and or nickname and county of the winners will be disclosed.

18.The prizes will be sent to winner within 30 days from the day on which result of the Challenge have been announced. In order to confirm the will of receiving the prize, the winner should reply to an e-mail notification within 14 days from the date of its sending, under pain of nullity. The Promotor will cover shipment costs to the countries indicated in point 8. Prizes are not sent outside the countries indicated in point 8.

19.Prizes in the Challenge are subject to a flat-rate income tax based on art. 30 para. 1 point 2 of the Polish Law on Personal Income Tax Act of July 26, 1991. The Promotor will award the winner with an additional cash prize, from which a flat-rate income tax will be deducted. The additional cash prize mentioned hereinabove will not be paid to the winner but will be collected as a flat rate tax and paid by the Promotor according to the said law. All the other taxes, custom payments, and similar payments will be covered by Challenger.

20.Complaint procedure:

Complaints related to the competition should be sent to the following address: contact@viro.fit

(a) The complaint will be considered by the Promotor within 14 days from the date of receipt of the complaint. Challenger will be informed about the result of the complaint procedure by e-mail –  to the address indicated in the complaint.

(b)A complaint should contain the following data: name/surname; reason for the complaint.

(c)The Promotor reserves the right to amend or alter the terms of Challenge at any time and reject entries from entrants not entering into the spirit of the

21.Challenge. The Promotor reserves also the right to cancel the Challenge in the event of circumstances beyond his control that would render it impossible to perform. 

22.In the event of a particular prize being unavailable, the promoter reserves the right to offer an alternative prize of equal or greater value.

23.All entries and any copyright subsistence in the entries become and remains the property of the Promotor who may publish or cause to be published any of the entries received. The winner(s) agree(s) to the use of their name, photograph and disclosure of county of residence and will co-operate with any other reasonable requests by Fit Reality and HTC VIVE relating to any post-winning publicity. The Promotor acquires copyrights to all entries in all fields of exploitation known on the date of Challenge.

24.Fit Reality is collecting your personal information for the purpose of conducting and promoting this challenge. Including for the purpose of identifying and notifying winners and understanding our audience. Fit Reality will handle your personal information in accordance with our data privacy policy which is available here (which contains information about how you can access your personal information, correct it and/or raise any concerns you may have about how we manage your personal information) BY providing your personal information , you agree to the terms of the privacy policy. Without limiting the foregoing, Fit Reality may disclose the entrants personal information to our related entities, business partners and external service providers for research and profiling purposes related to this particular challenge. In addition to entering this challenge you also give Fit Reality permission to send you communications relating to the challenge, our products and/or services. We will always provide you with the ability to opt out of these communications.

25.In participating in the challenge, the winners agree to participate and cooperate in all editorial activities relating to the challenge, including but not limited to being interviewed and photographed. The winners agree to granting the Fit Reality a perpetual and non-exclusive license to use such footage and photographs in all media worldwide, including online social networking sites, and the winners will not be entitles to any fee for such use.

26.Unless stated otherwise all entries must be made on the relevant online form posted on the website.

27.Unless stated otherwise the participants(s) will be drawn from all correct entries received by the tournament start date stated within the promotional material.

28.The winner(s) shall be deemed the player(s) with the highest combined challenge score across each game mechanic at the end of the challenge.

29.In the event of a discrepancy between these standard terms and conditions and the details in the promotional material (or any other terms and conditions provided/referred to at the time of entry), the details of the promotional material (and any other terms and conditions provided/referred to at the time of entry) shall prevail.

30.This Terms and Conditions as well as the Challenge are governed by the Polish law.


Who can apply?

— To apply players must fill out the application form.

— Players must be over 18 years of age.

— Players must have access to PC VR device (Oculus and HTC compatible) * We have been informed by Valve Index that ” that apps which are designed to work with the Vive, it will work with the Index”

— Successful applicants will be notified by email

— The Viro team reserve the right to select and or refuse participants based on information shared in the application form