Have you ever watched a good movie which pulled you in so much that you only zoned back into reality during the credits? Well, I guess that’s a form of immersion. But how does it work in VR? To me, immersive fitness gaming is kind of the process provoking the senses to experience something outside of my present reality. 

In this article, I will try to explain – in my opinion, how immersion works. Especially in the case of VR and VR Fitness games such as VIRO MOVE. I think the most profound type of immersion is absorbed just so – through virtual reality.

Immersive Fitness Gaming Player

1. Immersive Fitness Gaming Tricks Your Brain

If you’re like me when running on the treadmill, you probably find yourself checking far too often how much time you have left to run. Apart from the frustration of what feels like time moving slowly, you can also get terribly bored with the task of running and never actually moving anywhere.  

That’s because of the obvious, not everyone likes to exercise. Actually, most humans hate even the thoughts of it. When building our immersive fitness game, this fact was always in the back of our mind “how to create a fitness solution for people who don’t like to work out”. Combining sport with fun seemed like the most logical step. Thus we began to use games to trick the mind into liking regular exercise.

And here, the concept of “immersion” begins to help us mentally and physically. VIRO MOVE will physically and mentally immerse you into another world. Once you get there, you’re surrounded by breathtaking scenery. Your world is filled with energetic music. That’s designed to get you to reach for swords, guns or boxing gloves and get super physical.

2. Immersive Fitness Gaming Compel You To Move

By playing VIRO MOVE, you are motivated to move – continuously. You have to punch, slice, shoot, dodge, crouch, squat, jump. You name it we have built game mechanics to move you.

Once you build your stamina and begin competing for leaderboard space, you will have tons of fun too! Yes, you’ll burn lots of calories too, and like all great sports, the more your skill level progresses, the more you will burn.

Immersive Fitness Gaming Game

In Viro Move your caloric output is being calculated and analysed by our game every step of the way. Your progress and historical data are available for you to manage. So you can keep track as you advance towards your virtual fitness gaming goals.

3. You can’t think about two things at one time

I once read that you can’t think of two things at once? I checked this morning, thinking about what I ate for breakfast today and my plans for this weekend. It might just be me, but I didn’t succeed ;). Similarly, when playing VIRO MOVE, you do not even have time to analyse how much time is left. That’s not just my mental weakness (like the breakfast weekend thing), that one is actually a fact. In virtual reality fitness games – VR games in general, there is no time for external emotions. Your worries, problems or fears will be put aside. You are just too busy getting fit. 

To quote a far better writer than I could ever hope to be – Dale Carnegie “Keep busy. The worried person must lose himself in action, lest he wither in despair”. To me, this is precisely what VIRO MOVE and Immersive fitness gaming does. 

4. We are nothing but chemical reactions

Doing sports leads to a significant improvement in mood – there is some real science behind this. Physical exercise leads to the release of endorphins. These are happiness hormones which cause well-being and self-satisfaction. 

It turns out that sports are a form of pure happiness! – who knew? 🙂 These endorphins can last several hours after your workout. And the brain loves it so much it will compel you to work hard all over again the next day.

Immersive Fitness Gaming improves mood

Also, this hormone has an anxiolytic effect. It calms emotions and negative feelings. Consequently, people who practice sport regularly are usually less stressed than those who don’t.

Another positive side effect of endorphins is the analgesic influence. A secretion of endorphins increases the pain threshold. Even for 4 hours from the point, the brain begins to release them. They also minimise shortness of breath during exercise and a sense of fatigue. Further, affecting respiratory function and heart rate – thank you, Mr Google!

So are you ready to immerse into VIRO MOVE? Great! Download the game here. Try to beat me on the leaderboards!

Move more!
Tomasz Turmowicz

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