Attach our sensors and button to any exercise bike! With your computer and a VIRO RACE account, you’re ready to start virtual cycling.

Using the power of virtual gaming and any stationary bike, you’re transported to worlds where you must exercise to win. To make fun even more interesting, we have introduced elements of competition:

  • Racing against your best times for the week, month or year.
  • Go all out to try to burn more calories than you did yesterday.
  • Chase your ghost rider who is racing your overall best time.
  • Race in hot seat mode against your friend.
  • Join a hosted race with competitors from all over the world.
  • Enter a local, regional or global tournament.
  • Join a virtual racing team and compete against other teams.

What does virtual cycling do to your body?

It’s an aerobic exercise, which is an effective and trendy way to lose weight. Improves heart and lung function while strengthening parts such as your legs, spine or buttocks. It’s a balanced workout which combines cardio and strength training. Additionally, increased muscle power causes higher calorie burning in daily activities.

After the first workouts, you probably won’t be able to walk because your legs will suffer. But remember that after such an effort, you will be filled with a stream of pleasant chemicals called endorphins. It has become addictive for us. We still want more.

Is virtual cycling good for losing fat?

This is quite obvious, but remember that “spot reduction” is a myth. So if you want to lose weight in a specific part of the body, you must generally reduce your weight. Best with a healthy diet and exercise. Replace one series of moderate-intensity exercises with two 30-minute workout sessions. This can dramatically improve everything from cardiovascular health to body composition.

It has been assumed that to lose 1 kg of body weight is you need to burn an extra 7,000 calories above and beyond your daily needs. These calculations can vary from person to person. But even simply burning 500 calories with one workout can generate a considerable calories deficit throughout the day. 

What equipment will you need to train with VIRO RACE?

Exercise bike

The fundamental element of virtual cycling. Maybe you have already gotten bored with an old stationary bike which is gathering dust in the corner? Dusty or not any exercise bike will work with VIRO RACE. 

VR Headset or Screen

In VIRO Race you can choose between two versions. 2D solution connected to flat screens and a variant for virtual reality. Choose the option that best meets your expectations.


Our set contains 3 accessories needed to work: 

► USB hub

Receives signals from Cadence and HR to the system in real-time.

► Mountable Game Controller

It helps you earn points and speed-ups as you navigate through our virtual worlds.

► Cadence/Speed Sensor

Connects to the bikes’ pedal or wheel hub and sends bike data to the system using a low energy Bluetooth connection.

► Towel

The primary subject of anyone who sweats during training. If you want to maintain hygiene and not have a pool of sweat underneath – it’s a must-have.

► Water

Staying hydrated is essential for your workout when you’re losing a lot of water through sweat. Without this fuel, you won’t get far during your tour.

► Post-workout meal

It’s your icing on the cake. Do a decent workout, and everything you eat later will be a real feast. Remember about protein. It’s a building block for your tired muscles.

So what are you waiting for? Jump on your bike and pedal! Find out more about VIRO RACE here.

Have a good trip!
Tomasz Turmowicz

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