Why Viro’s VR Fitness Game Works

Let’s first begin with the formula for being healthier, because it is pretty intuitive. If you move more. Breathe more. Sweat more. Do it more often, enjoy it more, you will lose weight and live longer. You might also try eating less, people tell me this works too. But I don’t really much experience with that strategy ?. Viro Move’s VR fitness game is ready to help people change their lives.

Because we use a simple formula. Move more, breathe more and sweat more. Those are pretty much the fundamentals the Fit Reality team has built into VIRO MOVE.

Viro MOve VR Fitness Gaming – Announcement Video

The Finest VR Fitness Gaming Experience

Viro Move is a fitness game developed by passionate gamers – for serious gamers. It’s a game that aims to go above and beyond what’s currently available to those interested in VR fitness. VIRO MOVE aims to do this by offering insanely realistic graphics, skins, and environments. We believe have gone way past movements like flapping a saber, to the beat of the music. We are on a mission. A virtual crusade if you will, to deliver the finest free-roaming VR fitness experience available today.

I believe we have pushed VR freestanding movements to the absolute limit. I know that’s a pretty bold statement for me to make, but I really think we have. To be honest, we haven’t reinvented the wheel. But we have stretched it to make it move further and much faster. I get to see first-hand how we are layering the movements which will push our players to the absolute limit.

Level Designers Rock!

Every thirty minutes or so I hear one of the three big guys next to me breathing heavily. And it brings a small but happy tear to my eye. These guys are the ones stretching the limits of how far we can move a player. Every thirty minutes one of these heroes gets out of his chair. He puts on his headset and tests his latest level. He does this so that you and I can be healthier. If that’s not real love, I don’t know what is.

Keep in mind that these guys are expert virtual gamers. Our guys are expert VR shooters, sword fighters and boxers. They know how easy it is to play some fitness games with one hand tied behind their backs. They beat themselves up each day. Just to make sure even the fittest players will be encouraged to move in our game. Thanks to movement mapping guidance from our in-house fitness trainers. Level designers know exactly which movements are suited for achieving specific exercise routines.

Our VR fitness game level designer

I’ve seen guys in our team test other “VR fitness games”, they can finish levels without ever moving their feet. So we needed to build better movement mechanics -and we did. I don’t care how advanced a player you are – I promise you will move more in our game. I also promise you will feel great doing so.

This magic sauce allows our level designers to access a vast number of motivating mechanisms. These mechanisms enable players to achieve a comprehensive catalog of exercises. They can have me dodging, crouching, squatting, jumping, stepping, punching, swiping, diving, slicing.

Calorie counting

Calorie counters have been used in traditional training for several years. Counting calorie output is an important part of keeping fit. If integrated and mapped correctly calorie counting is an excellent motivational tool to keep players motivated. We have created an advanced algorithm to calculate the number of calories burned in accordance with a scientifically proven methodology. In my language, it just means our game accurately informs me how many calories I am burning. And my calorie counter is one additional motivator to help me want to perform longer more complex exercises. It also tracks my weekly, monthly and yearly calorie statistics. As all good VR fitness games should do ?.

Beat Mapping

Before we begin talking about beat mapping in our game, I need to point out that although. I was a professional musician in my early years, a drummer and percussionist to be exact. Some said Ireland’s answer to Michael Stephen Portnoy -thanks Mum.

So yea, I have been playing drums and percussion since the age of thirteen. So I believe I can feel the rhythm and beat better than most.

The next U2
beat mapping long before VR fitness games made it cool.

That handsome young dude in the middle, was beat mapping long before VR fitness games made it cool. Sorry about the quality we didn’t have iPhone in the stone ages.

Now we have established I can speak with authority about rhythm. Let me begin… Remember that time you were in the nightclub and the DJ spun up your favorite Bee Gees tune? Yes? Me too, ah the good old days. First, your toe began moving to the rhythm. Then very quickly the rest of your body has no choice but to participate. All of a sudden, you are a magnificent blur of movement on the dance floor… remember? Well that, in a nutshell, is your body beat mapping.

Beat mapping games inside virtual reality is simply a beautiful experience. Beat mapping games outside of virtual reality perhaps not so beautiful. Why? Well because you can see yourself and all the jiggly bits moving. Stick on a VR headset. Jump around the room and people will just assume you are cooler than them. The most amazing part – you can’t see the loose bits of your body flapping around.

VR games have been beat mapping for a long time now. Some do it exceptionally well while others still have some work to do. Our guys rock!. If you don’t believe me – go ahead, play the game.

Why a great soundtrack matters in a VR fitness game?

It’s pretty easy to explain why a great soundtrack matters, doing everything to music is more fun.

Soundtracks matter -full stop. I believe that without the music those kids would have hated Mary Poppins, no matter how wonderful she was. It’s the same for Wonka’s Oompa-Loompas and that inspiring Lady Gaga movie which makes women cry.

So music makes things more fun. But there are also interesting motivational mechanics behind why we built a great soundtrack inside our immersive fitness game. It’s easy to ignore fatigue when you are training to the beat of the music. It somehow feels more natural to slice, smash or dodge objects in time with the music. It really is a beautiful experience to become one with the music inside a virtual world.

The Viro Move team have created our own custom soundtrack and will continue to add new songs. I love 90% of the songs …can’t win em, all right? But don’t just take my word for it. Sit back relaxes and beat-map your toes to one of my favorite songs – Power Play from the VIRO MOVE game.

What is the Viro Move hot seat?

A hot seat could be described as a seat next to the boss when half the team is late. However, it’s really a lot more interesting than that. Sometimes VR games can be described as an anti-social. And while it’s true some games allow you to meet and interact with new people from all over the world. I really wouldn’t suggest it. Least not if you are a sensitive soul like myself.

As a fitness game developer, we want our game to be as inclusive as possible. We want to challenge players to be the best they can be, so we created a hot seat mode. Hot seat mode allows players to create multiple player profiles inside the game. This means you can create VIRO MOVE tournaments in your home for your friends, family, and grandparents. So they can compete against each other. Apart from the positive personal experience and fitness gains, everyone will get. Playing VIRO in hot seat mode as a group really is as funny as hell. Trust me to get your mum to work out to a virtual reality fitness game. If you record it, it can be payback for the naked baby photos.

Why warm up before playing a VR fitness game?

Here’s what going to happen in VIRO MOVE. Your heart rate will increase, you will breathe harder. You will sweat more and you will activate body muscles that your or your partner, never knew you had. And although you will feel sore the next day. It’s a really positive signal from your body that it’s happy and something good is happening in your life. The day after your first VIRO MOVE training session. You will feel all your new muscles aching. That means you have woken up a few hibernating muscles. And I’m sure you all know what our bodies burn to feed hungry muscles? Yes indeed, goodbye blubber, hello six pack!

But do be careful, as with any physical training you don’t want to strain anything. We suggest that players take advantage of our more calm tutorials and easy level workouts for warmup and cooldown sessions. I dare, you name one other development team that cares about your body as much as we do?

We are crazy about building the world’s most advanced VR Fitness game. We have put our heart and soul into this game. That’s because we are gamers. We are dreamers. We loved the idea of a game to help encourage us moving a little bit more every day. So we built one. If we can move a few others in the process. And help the industry grow through fitness industry adoption. Well then, that seems like a nice dream for a small team of gaming nerds.

VIRO MOVE – VIRO.FIT by Fit Reality, “change the world” he said. Let’s do it we said!

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